Tack Martin och lycka till i din satsning


As some of you know I’m almost finished with my bachelor grade at KTH. I wrote my bachelor thesis this spring at a Norwegian company and therefore I haven’t been participating on all of the trainings in Stockholm and from Järlagården from about April until June.

Due to the final part of my education I have been thinking a lot during the winter about what my future would look like. I started already in October/November thinking about the alternatives. As my personal life developed along with my orienteering life things started to be a bit clearer for me early this spring. With my girlfriend living in Norway (Trondheim) and my bachelor grade almost finished I have decided to move to Trondheim this autumn. There I will continue my elite training and hopefully start on a master grade at the Norwegian University of Science in one year. I have 15hp left at my bachelor grade at KTH, so though I’m moving to Trondheim I will still be in Stockholm from time to time during the autumn.

 The situation described also implies a decision about my future in Järla. Due to me moving to Trondheim I have decided to train and compete for a Norwegian club from this summer on. It’s a tough decision and I have been back and forth the whole winter wondering what to do, but my decision is now taken.

 When I first came to Järla August 2010 I got so many positive impressions and it really made it easy to join the club. One of my arguments for the club change back then was that I wanted to be in a club that was on the way up. I wanted to be a part of something that I together with the other members could form and develop. To build something strong. I think we’ve all done one hell of a job! This year so far, with the ladies team and the mens team top 10 at both 10mila and Jukola, is a great example of the sporting success. And also everything around, with coaches, the club business and so on, has been really well. And that’s not for given. We are all really good at this! We make an effort, and get results.

 The four years in Stockholm and Järla have been the best years in my life so far. I have made friends for life. I’ve done so many trainings together with the best training group I can imagine. The spirit and mood on the trainings, with fun and laughs, but also deeply competition and seriousness is one of our secret weapons. We might be the best in the world at it as well. I’ve had so many good talks with the coaches, taking me from doubts and anger to offensive and good results.

 Some special moments I remember are my first 10mila for Järla in Botkyrka 2011. Until that year I had only ran the relay for my little Norwegian club with no pressure at all. This year was something different, running the second last leg. I remember sitting in Holmbergs apartment at Kungsholmen, seeing the other guys doing a great job leg after leg, and me being nervous as shit during the night and couldn’t sleep much at all. Even tough I didn’t run so well the result turned out great in the end!

 I also remember Kolmårdskavlen in 2011, where we lived out at Världens ände in Arkösund. Great place, great people and great mood the whole weekend. The same I can say for in fact all of our training camps. Every little one has a special detail reminding why we have achieved so great results; the great mood in our group!

 At the Norwegian championship in middle distance in 2012 I also remember running through the arena passage in third best time, and Axel, who had travelled from Stockholm, stood there screaming “Take the chance”. I kept that in my mind during the last lap and could finish to a bronze medal. Incredible feeling.

 And last, I remember every single time I’ve come to the change over in the big relays, feeling extremely happy and relieved that I managed my task and did the best I could for the team. I love the relay-stress and have always been nervous before the relays, taken the task serious and put a high pressure on my self for what’s good enough. I wanted to do my very best for the team. And the feeling to succeed together beat everything else!  

 I’ve done many trainings, talks, discussions, training camps and competitions for Järla. At this end I now feel like I have been doing a great job together with all of you, helping our club a little step closer to be the greatest club in the world. I hope that even tough I’m now saying good-bye, some of my work still will push the club to further success.

 I hope to do many trainings together with you in the autumn as well, and also in the coming years. So I won’t be “gone” 😉

 I would like to give a great THANK YOU to everyone. You have developed me as an orienteering runner, but maybe just as much as a person. I will always remember the years in Järla. And who knows, maybe I will come back.

 Martin Vister


From the Järla perspective

As Martin writes, 4 years ago we were on the brink being one of the big clubs, but we wasn´t there. Now the leap is taken. How did it happen?

Well, one of the main contributors spells ”Norwegian wood”.  As Ivar Lundanaes said to me; ”you were lucky to get the really best young norwegian orienteers, and also the guys that can combine hard training with a joke and gentlemannish style! Martin is in particular a role model for these young norwegians. Always positive, always trying to improve, always interrested to support others and always looking for a good laugh.

Martin, you have been a strong contributor to the last years success for Järla. A big relayrunner. Stable. Calm. Always wellprepared. Over and over again you delivered what we wanted.  But during these years you also developed yourself to a runner for the Norveigian national team. A really strong achivement.

Martin, it has been an honour to have you in the team during the last years. We in Järla wish you all the best in the future, both in your professionell and your competition career.

And, if you ever get bored over ”matpakke”, Tröndercrashar or  rain”; you can always take a flight to Stockholm, and join us every tuesday at Järlagården!


Anders Asplund


  1. Fredrik B säger

    Tack Martin för alla fina lopp i Järlatröjan. Lycka till med fortsatta studier och framtida OL-satsning!

  2. Anki Holmberg säger

    Lycka till Martin!

  3. Nisse Nilsson säger

    Tack Martin för Dina år i Järla! Lycka till i fortsättningen – jag kommer att följa Din utveckling med intresse.


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    more? info…

    Tack Martin och lycka till i din satsning

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